Tuesday, March 13, 2012

San Francisco!

We are moving to San Francisco because Bryce found a sweet job. He already went out there and found us a perfect cozy little studio. He is loving his job at CircleUp and really enjoying city life so far!

Cute new nephew!!

Samuel Ethan Roskelley - love him!!

We got to visit the week after he was born. It was so fun!! And Bryce got to be at his baby blessing!!

Tax season!!

The glamorous life of a CPA ;)

Tuesday, December 6, 2011

BBQ chicken pizza

So I forgot to take a picture before it was almost all gone but we made this pizza on Saturday and it turned out so yummy!! I just googled the recipe for California pizza kitchens BBQ chicken pizza. It was a hit!

Sunday, November 27, 2011

One of Bryce's favorite games

I love board games but I secretly hate this one ( okay so it's not really a secret ). But it's still fun to just hang out with my best friend!!! Also posting on my blog via my iPhone is my new favorite thing!!

Thursday, November 24, 2011

Our first Thanksgiving Dinner

I am posting this from my phone so it will be a short one but I just had to say that our thanksgiving feast was truly delicious!!!! Such a success. Yum yum yum. See pictures below...

Sunday, July 10, 2011


We just got on Google+ and I love it for the following reasons:

  • Photos are bigger than on Facebook.
  • Photos from my phone automatically upload
  • Photos can be edited online
  • Group video chat with up to 10 people - and it works really well!
  • Its faster than facebook
  • Doesn't have farmville
  • Already integrated with google search and picasa photos and will soon be integrated with google calendar, gmail, maps etc...
You can check out our recent photos on Google+. Let me know if you'd like an invite :-)

Salt Flats

Whenever we drive to California, Bryce begs (seriously) me to stop at the Salt Flats. I am always in a hurry to get home quickly, but Bryce just loves it, so I (almost) always give in. We did not regret it this time. We got some pretty sweet shots!

The salt was really weird and stringy.


Loving hanging out at his favorite place.

Jumping photo!

We have dozens of these!

Model shot.

He did these in a row in all directions, but I will only post one. If you are incredibly intrigued, email Bryce and I am sure he will gladly share.

Tribute to the hurdling days.

Close up on the new hair cut!


Independence Day!

For the 4th, we drove to California to meet up with my family at Lake Tahoe! It was a blast! We love spending time there every year. Last year was the first year since I was a kid that I didn't spend the 4th in Tahoe. So I was happy to return this year.

Of course we hiked to the top of "Pride Rock" also known as Eagle Rock.

Perfect little hike with an amazing view.

Smelling the tree. Tradition.

West Shore. Best Shore.

Kayaking on the lake!

Of course we went on tons of walks.

We got to hear Mom and Dad's dating/engagement/marriage story. This time it was from Dad's perspective. So cute! Gotta love 'em.

We also spent a couple days in Auburn, but took no pictures unfortunately. We had a blast at Scandia with the fam, and a delicious barbecue at Blake and Courtney's.

We love America!

Delicious Dinner

Bryce has been quite the chef lately. First, he made a delicious chicken dinner and wowed everyone. Then, he made the best burgers we'd ever had (modeled after Red Robin). This past week, he made Panda Express Orange Chicken! It was delicous! And pretty dang authentic!

Celebrate Graduation

After my last final, to celebrate, we went to dinner. We had a Groupon for a "Burger Place" in Salt Lake. Turns out it was a bar. With University of Utah flags all over it. Haha oops. We got a good laugh.

We also put my new BYU Alumni license plate thing on my car! Unfortunately now Bryce can't take that car to campus or we might get keyed. Haha. Worth it.

No More School!

Well, BYU has been amazing. I officially finished school in mid-June. My bachelor's and Master's degrees should be coming in the mail any day now! Here's some photos from the joyous occasions.

This pic was taken at "Graduation" in April. With the Y in the background!

I am so glad that I came to BYU so that I could meet the love of my life!

I could not have made it here without these guys! I love my parents! They're amazing! Thanks Mom & Dad!

My awesome fam that came for the festivities!

BYU/life motto.

Now that school is over, I am still studying. Well, I should be. :) I've got 4 CPA exams to take! I am working at BYU right now until I start back at my firm on August 29th. I will start studying this week hopefully because I have just been vacationing the past two weeks (basically). More posts to follow!

Monday, April 11, 2011

Can a bathroom be exciting?

The correct answer is yes.

Emily finally found what she wanted for our bathroom a few days ago. Everytime she walks into the bathroom now she says something like "Oh my gosh!! I just love it!!!! Don't you just love it?!" :-)

I thought I'd share our beautiful bathroom so others could feel the joy :-)

Her favorite part is the soap dispenser.

Friday, March 25, 2011

Awesome Summer

This will be a sweet summer.

Everyone in SLC should buy this.


Sunday, February 20, 2011

Family History

I was playing with the new familysearch today and thought I'd share a cool tool for visualizing your family tree. The image above is all of my ancestors back to the 9th generation. It took me about a minute to make at treeseek.com!

Sunday, February 13, 2011

New Apartment

We've moved! And we love it! We are now completely settled into our new apartment here in East Millcreek. I'll attach some photos below (which were taken while while the settling in was still in progress).

My favorite part is that we have our own garage, and that our new apartment is twice the size of our old one!

Bryce is loving not commuting, and I'm getting used to it. :) It only takes me 45 minutes to get to BYU, so it's not too bad. We went to our new ward for the second time today, and everyone was super friendly. We're in a family ward now, so it's definitely different!

I start my new job tomorrow at Wisan, Smith, Racker, & Prescott. They are a small CPA firm in downtown Salt Lake City. I am excited! I'm just nervous about how crazy busy life will be now. In preparation for my first crazy week, I made a massive pot of Coconut Curry soup to last us for dinner for the rest of the week, and I already picked out all of my outfits. Also, I put most of the lunch stuff together for the rest of the week. Yay for preparation! In the words of Jim Logan (wise CSR at the BYU Math Department), preparation is the perfect replacement for stress. Let's hope it works this week!

My lovely mother helped us move. She was a life saver!

The massive living room. Yes, we have our TV in the fireplace!

The Office, which is much more organized now, thankfully.

Relatively tiny, but nice kitchen - with a brand new oven!

We've been having fun here in Salt Lake. Lots of delicious restaurants around, a dollar theater, Winco and Costco, and the beautiful and amazing Temple Square of course! Life is good! :)